Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My friend is Bringing Back Pretty

(Wish we had a different background than the bottles of booze that the Indian restaurant,

but it is what it is.)

My dear friend, Lisa, wants to bring back pretty and she's doing something about it. Encouraged by an article she read about the difference between "pretty" and "hot,"

she decided to use her sewing skills to help moms who are struggling to find pretty dresses for their daughters. She's holding a contest on her blog featuring four different pretty designs. To enter, visit her blog, vote for a favorite design, and she will randomly select a winner to receive one of her dresses.

I think it is weird to say you are proud of someone who is your contemporary, but she is a little younger than me so I will go ahead and say I am so proud of Lisa. I share with her the concern that beauty, femininity, purity, and chastity are being replaced with materialism, courseness, hotness, and "benign-whatever-ism."


Nancy Face said...

I'm proud of her, too!

JennyLynn said...

Cute dress design. I am proud of her as well.

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